What Is It Like to Be A Writing Center Tutor?

by Sheila Pawelski

Danielle lives in Warwick, NY.  She started working at the Writing Center in the fall of 2014. Now a senior, she’s realized that time is running by fast.  When I asked her why she became a Writing Center Tutor, she responded:

“It would be a good experience to help students with their writing and I can improve my own writing as well. I love to help others and want students to realize their full potential.”

Her major is nursing and she is going to graduate in May. In five years, she sees herself as a registered nurse in critical care, but she would also like to teach this field in a college or university someday. She loves to watch The Office in her free time and her favorite book series is Harry Potter.

“They are the best books of all time. You have to read them!” She says.

Her favorite writing skills are organizing and outlining. “They are the key skills to know when writing an essay,” she says. “Brainstorming is a good writing skill to know because the student can explore all of their ideas and put it down on a piece of paper.”

I asked Danielle, “How would you help a student with a paper who comes into the Writing Center?”  She says that first, you have to ask what the student wants to work on. Next, you have to plan out an agenda to work on that skill. Finally, you have to make sure the student understands the skill and that they feel better about the topic when they leave the Writing Center.

At the Writing Center, we always have Writing Center pens in the tutoring rooms and on the front desk. Students can grab one when they are done with their appointment.  I asked Danielle how many Writing Center pens she has accumulated and she said:

“There are too many because I’ve been working at the center for three years.”

Helping and educating people inspires Danielle. In the future, she wants to help patients recover in the clinical setting. I can definitely see her going into this field because she has a passion for assisting others.


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