Tutor Spotlight: Kelsey Simeone

by Arik Sansivero

Kelsey Simeone is from Newington, Connecticut, and here at Mount Saint Mary, she is a Sophomore as well as a Writing Center tutor. As an English major with a certification in early childhood, childhood, and special education, as well as a double minor in math and psychology, she hopes to one day to teach in a classroom. Simeone says she chose this college to further her education because it feels like home. Because of her experience getting help in the Writing Center as a Freshman, she decided she wanted to help other students the same way the WC helped her. In order to do so, Kelsey decided to apply to be a Writing Center tutor. It seemed to be a perfect fit anyway due to her love of English and writing. Kelsey describes her favorite part of the job as “Teaching [skills] and learning new topics, how others write, different writing styles at the same time! And the staff/other tutors!” She plans to use the teaching, interpersonal, and writing skills she’s learned as a Writing Center tutor to help her career in the future and believes her experiences here will definitely be useful in a classroom.


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