A Good, Addicting Book is All You Need

by Amalee Martinez

“A good addicting book is all you need.”

-Ashleigh  Arena

Walking into the Writing Center here at Mount Saint Mary College is always a joy, but when our tutor Ashleigh is there, you can’t help but smile. She has an infectious laugh and always has something cheerful and positive to say. As an English major here at the Mount, who is also on track for publishing, Ashleigh has great insight into the world of reading and writing.

“I think I have always loved the world you can create with reading and writing,” Ashleigh said. She has always had a book in her hand even when she was a kid. Her favorite kind of books to read are mystery novels, and more specifically Edgar Allen Poe. Her love of Poe comes from her love of his style of writing.

Ashleigh’s biggest goal at the moment is graduating and getting a full time job. She doesn’t care what job she gets, she just wants to be writing. She wouldn’t mind writing manuals or textbooks, as long as she gets to write. It’s her passion, but she does have her struggles. Her biggest struggle in writing is being a self editor, “You have this idea of a perfect paper, when in reality the reader won’t know you deleted and added that sentence 7 times.”

When Ashleigh isn’t reading or writing she is dreaming of winning the lotto so that she can make the very first doggy shelter hotel.  A hotel for for stray dogs, that way they can be adopted and cared for in style. She loves helping animals and humans alike. Her favorite moments as a tutor is when the writer has a “light bulb moment,” where they understand everything she has been able to teach them. “It’s such a great moment,” Ashleigh says.

But don’t think that she doesn’t also like to have a good battle with words. “I love to argue in the name of writing,” she says. Argumentative papers are Ashleigh’s favorite kind. Although some who know her might find that crazy, it’s not only an outlet for arguments, she also loves to play video games, namely Grand Theft Auto.

Ashleigh loves writing and reading and loves to help you. Do you need a tutor? Come to the Writing Center and come see her smiling face.


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