by Shayla Hall

Any break is usually a blessing to college students who are drowning in essays and midterms. The last thing anyone wants to think about while on break from school is school; however, keeping your brain active while on break will ensure that once you return, all your brain power hasn’t disappeared. So, I’m going to give you 3 tips that will keep your “academic knife” sharpened!

1 . TRY TO WATCH SHOWS THAT HAVE AN EDUCATIONAL ASPECT – Watching television has become a treasured pastime for most college students, so why not try to fit in something educational? Just because a show is educational doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring. Netflix has become increasingly popular and is a great outlet for watching your favorite shows.  Not many people know that there are tons of riveting shows on Netflix such as Ted Talks and MythBusters. There are also a few wonderful documentaries you could tune into such as “The Lottery.” Check these shows out if you’re in the mood to stimulate your brain!

2. READ! READ! READ! – Reading is a skill that you can always take advantage of and is crucial for most tasks. Read anything you like, whether it be a magazine, a blog post (this blog post is a great start), an article, or even a newspaper. Most college students associate reading with boring textbooks and lectures; however, there are ways to make reading fun again. You can try reading aloud and using different voices, or even using movements while reading to make it more exciting. Reading will keep your brain churning!

3.PLAY A GAME – There are plenty of educational games in the Apple App Store for you to try and they are super fun! Café Letter Soup is a popular gaming app in which you must think of all the words you can spell with specific letters. Quizup is an app with thousands of quizzes on topics from history to philosophy.  You can even battle your friends. Board games are another outlet for stimulating the brain. Scrabble , Guess Who and even Monopoly are all great games to play with friends.

If you follow all of these tips , you’ll be sure to keep your academic edge during Easter Break !



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