Tutor Spotlight: Meet Mike

“”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’

Wayne Gretzsky

– Michael Scott.”

– Mike Reistetter

When walking into the Writing Center while Mike is around, you can always expect a vexing riddle or a unique joke. As the current managing editor of Mount Messenger, as well as an all-star tutor, Mike Reistetter has a deep background in writing.

“Writing was a way to let all of the creativity inside…out,” he says. While some play sports or act, the only thing that lends him a total flow of inspiration is writing. During high school, Mike was an editor for his school newspaper. He loved getting to handle all of the information being dispersed, as well as using his words to weave colorful stories.

During most of his exams, Mike was the one who rooted for short answer responses instead of multiple-choice. “I’m a better scholar when I’m not limited to answers,” he said, explaining the freedom that comes from blank lines instead of an empty bubble. Now at Mount Saint Mary College, he is majoring in Journalism, hoping to one day land a job writing somewhere.

After graduation, he’s heading straight to grad school in Brooklyn for screenwriting. Maybe he’ll be a TV writer, or even write for movies, but regardless of where he ends up, his only wish is to write for something.

Writing, for Mike, came in part from his love for the cinema. One of his favorite movies is “Field of Dreams,” as it synthesized some of his deepest passions: sports, i.e. baseball, the supernatural, fantasy, and family-friendly content. Growing up as a cinephile, Mike wanted to be a movie reviewer; it would mean watching lots of movies and writing about them.

However, Mike started to reflect on his childhood, when he wrote stories and his grandma would laminate them, no matter if they were novels or comic books. He loved “Field of Dreams” because he could take a movie based on reality and turn it into a fantasy – yet when you’re reviewing movies, you’re limited to the bubbles again: A) This movie was good, or B) This movie was bad. Once he could write the script himself, Mike found that freedom again.

“I always wanted to write, and now I know exactly what I should be writing,” he said.

As a final, professional piece of advice from future screenwriter, Mike Reistetter, go watch “Vanilla Sky.” “This movie is half romantic comedy, half experimental/artsy-acid-trip. It’s a Tom Cruise vehicle all about vanity, faith, reliance on oneself and doubt in oneself…It took me a couple of times of watching it to fully understand, and I feel I’ll never fully understand it, but that’s a great allegory for life: try to figure out what it all means.”

By the end of the two and a half hour movie you’ll feel “entertained and also angered that this whole time you were avoiding these deep questions [about life], while this movie slaps it in your face to say ‘It’s always there!’”

As Mike concluded, everyone should watch “Vanilla Sky,” partially because he vows to give anyone the full analysis after watching it, but mostly because “it makes you know that even if it all ended tomorrow, you would be safe.”


Written by Tanner Tait


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