So You’ve Procrastinated, Now What?

by Arik Sansivero

  1. Relax:

Everyone has procrastinated before. It’s okay. Just try not to let it be a habit. Any anxiety or stress you’re having right now can be used as motivation to get the assignment done, so use it to your advantage.

2. Stay Organized

Without a doubt you’re already stressed. Keeping a list of steps will help you keep your thoughts together and stay calm.

3. Plan Your Time

The time you have left is crucial and you need to use it wisely. Use your list of steps to divide your time into reasonable time slots for each paragraph or section of the paper. Be sure to include small breaks! Giving your brain and body rest during this process will keep you from crashing later on.

4. Start Writing!

Gather your supplies, sit down and get to work! Eliminate all distractions to focus all of your time and energy on the assignment. To make things easiest in this time of stress, break down each part into smaller, more manageable sections. If you start to feel bored or develop some writer’s block with a certain section, move on to another one and revisit it later.
**Remember to stay hydrated and make sure you’ve eaten enough. Breaks are a good time for meals or snacks! Self-care is very important in high stress times.**


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