How to Keep Writing Creatively in A College World

by Amalee Martinez

1)         Separate your creative time from your time writing essays.

Separating your time is important! If you don’t create separate times for pleasure and work, everything muddles together and nothing feels fun anymore. By having time just for yourself, you let your creative juices flow.

2)         Look up writing prompts.

Sometimes the hardest part is starting to write. As college students we have a lot going on and what we love falls to the wayside. Looking up writing prompts online or ordering books full of writing prompts is just one way to help get the creative writing process started.

3)         Write creatively on your own schedule.

Don’t ever think that you have to write every day, or that you have to write consistently at all. Writing is about when you have the time and when it makes you the happiest. If writing every day is what makes you happy, do it! If writing once a month is your style, do it! This is one assignment that has no due date!

4)         Have fun with your creative writing!

If you aren’t having fun, it is just another task you have to get done and that is not what creative writing is about.

5)         Share your work with others.

Sharing your work with others is SO important. You do not have to share out loud or in person, you can share online! (Wattpad is a GREAT resource.) Sharing your work and getting feedback helps boost your confidence, helps get the ball rolling for future writing pieces, and helps other creative writers develop ideas as well.

6)         Write in a place that relaxes you.

Relaxing is key to creative writing success! You don’t have to be in a spa or on a beach, and you don’t have to be writing about a relaxing topic. But you need to be in a safe space. Without that safe space, you might not write what you are really feeling, or you’ll get distracted and lose your train of thought (we have ALL done it). So find a good place for YOU! Everyone is different.

7)         Talk to other writers.

Even if you’re not sharing your work with them, just by talking you are making good connections with people who are interested in the same things you are. Whether it be online or in a creative writing group, connecting with other writers helps the creative juices flow and gives you a good network to connect in.


Happy Writing!



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