Write Like a Leader

by Leanne Labetti

Writing as Leadership was a program presented to Mount students by Gina Evers, the Director or the Writing Center, and Himali Pandaya of Student Activities. The program’s main focus was to explain how writing is important as a leadership skill.

Evers did an outstanding job of presenting this very important matter to her audience. She was clear, relatable, and interactive, which increased the audience’s attentiveness and understanding of the subject. For example, multiple handouts were given out to reiterate some of the major points of the presentation, including how to create the perfect thesis statement and how to modify the tone of a vision statement. Evers also made a point to check in with the audience often to ensure that everyone understood what she was talking about.
The program was offered to the entire Mount community, but it seemed as if only those in leadership positions attended. I am dismayed that more students did not attend this program, for I found that the information presented would have been beneficial to anyone in the Mount community. Regardless of year or major, I feel that any student could benefit from learning how writing can help you be a leader.

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