The Art of Becoming a Good Writer: Introduction

by Kayla McKnight
      Writing is a challenge for me. With every assignment I find there are skills I need to improve upon. With every sentence I type, there is always something to fix, re-word, or even delete. My goal is to become a better writer and to understand my mistakes. I realize this will be a process, not an overnight project I can tackle with a gallon of coffee. So, I have started an ongoing blog project, one that allows my readers to follow along with me. My main topic for this series is audience awareness. In order to master writing skills, a foundation of some kind needs to be established. Audience awareness is an essential part of becoming a good writer. For instance, the issues of passive voice versus active voice, formal versus informal tone, and point of view all contribute to audience awareness. In other words, once these skills are mastered, you should have a strong grasp of audience awareness!  Developing these skills will be the focus of my project. We all have our weaknesses and the goal here is to transform them into a strength.
     I am determined to improve my own writing, as well as offer help to those who want to learn. For this blog series, I’m envisioning myself as a tutor. Don’t worry, I’ll make this educational exploration exciting! If not, at least I tried. To all those struggling students out there, do not fear for my staff members and I are here!

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